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Mara Oblak, Ph.D., BCBA-D 
BCBA-D #1-09-5509
LBA #BA60770271

Seattle Behavior Consulting and Therapy was founded by Dr. Mara Oblak, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2012. Dr. Oblak received her BA in Special Education and Elementary Education from Gonzaga University in 2005. Following graduation, she moved to New York to study Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis at the Teachers College at Columbia University. She received her MA (2007) and Ph.D. (2010) along with Associate Behavior Analyst and Assistant Research Scientist ranks from the program.

      While in NY, Dr. Oblak worked with middle school children with emotional and behavioral disabilities and elementary aged children with ASD. She also served as preschool teacher for 4 years at a preschool for children with and without disabilities. In 2010, she moved to Southeast Louisiana to teach an inclusion classroom using behavior analysis techniques to individualize instruction for both the regular education and special education students in the classroom. Dr. Oblak also trained undergraduate and graduate students from the local university on the use of those techniques in the classroom. As a native Seattleite, she is excited to be back in the Pacific Northwest to provide services to children and their families.


SBCT Program Supervisors

Mark Flores, M. ed., BCBA, LBA
BCBA # 1-18-34271
LBA # BA60934035


JeNell Flanagan, M.A., BCBA, LBA
BCBA # 1-19-36884
LBA # BA61033392


SBCT Certified Behavior Technicians

Tracey Comella, CBT, RBT
CBT #CB60768636
RBT #RBT-16-22124    


Veronica Molina, CBT, RBT

CBT #CB60813240
RBT #18-57831


Gregory Atchison, CBT, RBT

CBT #CB60882173 
RBT #18-70020


Miranda Stowell, CBT, RBT
CBT# CB60995123
RBT# 19-103934


Benjamin Fowler, CBT
CBT# CB61007438


Kristian Teigen, CBT
CBT# CB61048435

Photo Coming Soon!

Layne Ridley, CBT
CBT# CB61094872

Photo Coming Soon!

Alexandra Dulles, CBT
CBT# CB61113690

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Ella McConnell, CBT Pending
CBT# CB61116982

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 Support Staff

Adrienne Bohannon
Speech Therapist
SLP# LL60647793


Nicholas Freelove
Billing Specialist

Hello, my name is Nick and my work with SBCT involves general billing and administrative responsibilities on a part time basis. Currently I am a student at Edmonds Community College, re-attending school for Medical Coding and Insurance Billing. I was born and raised in the Puget Sound, and devote most of my time to spiritual and community activities. I am grateful to be team member at SBCT and involved in providing care to our clients. 


Kelly Bogart
Assistant Director
My name is Kelly and I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from Colorado Tech with my Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management. I have a profound love for all things administrative, organizational, and that involve helping our local community. SBCT has a very special place in my life as I am able to incorporate my love for all of those things here. In my spare time, I can usually be found playing with my pug, Talulah, or out exploring for new hikes, coffee shops, or fun activities in our community.


Diane Moseley
Administrative Assistant

	In my spare time I enjoy being with my husband, our 4 daughters, 8 grandchildren and our dog - Fergie and our 3 grand dogs - Buster, Sadie and Biscuit Rose. Any extra time you will find me relaxing by reading biographies and Social Psychology. Let me know some of your favorite books and I’ll add to my reading list.  


Office Companion

Often on SBCT premises, Milo can be seen everywhere from sleeping in his bed with his favorite Seahawks blanket, to scurrying around the clinic in between sessions. He officially adopted Mara Oblak 10 years ago at a shelter in New York, and he originates from the Texas/Mexico border. Milo, a Pisces, enjoys short walks on the beach and a water bowl within reach. Occasionally, he will jump in and run the office while Administrative Staff are out of town. A valuable asset to SBCT, Milo continues to spread enthusiasm and expresses an authentic and barky personality. 

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